Ginta Grube (maiden name Zabarovska) is a jewellery artist living in Latvia. Since 2021 she is a board member at the Latvian Jewellery Art Association. She is also working on her PhD at the Art Academy of Latvia. Primarily her research seeks to enrich the analysis of contemporary jewellery art in Latvia. Ginta holds BA and MA degree in jewellery program at the Art Academy of Latvia Design department. From September 2016 she is giving lectures on jewelry history and other topics (exhibiting; BA, MA thesis supervising) at the Art Academy of Latvia.

As an important source of impact in the artist’s activities she considers studies at the Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg in 2012/13. “The semester spent in France stimulated my interest in contemporary jewellery,” acknowledges Ginta. In 2015/16 Ginta accomplished an internship working as an assistant for artist Yiumsiri Vantanapindu in Strasbourg. Ginta also joined Hatara Project in year 2016.  She is also a member of collective LAUKKUAssociation of Latvian Young Scientists and Imeria.