The Ring Exchange Point

On the 27th of July I introduced my guests (family and friends) to a giant “G” on the back of my garden house. This was an instalation that I made inspiring from Ted Notens Miss Piggy. I called it The Ring Exchange Point. I have to thank my family and friends (Matilde, Guna, Sandra Artis, Gregors and others) for helping to build the instalation in the first place. After positioning 540 donut rings on the same number of clout nails around 50 donuts were replaced with custom made rings.  The conditions were as simple as ever. Make a ring from what ever you can find around and replace it for a donut from the wall. Later during the evening I offered some wire and pliers.  And I was asked for paper that I provided and duct tape. One of my sisters said to have made 13 pieces. Unfortunately I do not have the exact nomber of the participants becouse it became tricky to track everyone at the end. I was competely satisfyed with the result. So I would like to share some photos.


Here are photos I took some days after the event. Some rings were damaged or might have been lost due to the weather.

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