Subjective and Perspective

Group exhibition – “Subjective and Perspective“, Aluksne Cultural Center, Aluksne, Latvia, 2016 January 8th – February 25th (firstly happened in Gulbenes History and Art museum, Gulbene, Latvia, 2015 November 27th – 2016 January 3rd)

Read more about the making of the exhibition here.

Artist list: Ginta Grūbe (ex. Zabarovska), Darja Semjonova, Liene Ventniece, Rasma Pušpure, Lāsma Ansone, Una Mikuda, Ilze Egle, Madara Keidža (Madara Krātiņa), Ieva Korne, Arta Kalniņa (paintings)

Putting up the exhibition

Ieva Korne

Lāsma Ansone

Ilze Egle

Ilze Egle

Madara Keidža

From right: Rasma, Ilze, Una, Ginta

Arvīds Endziņš, Associate Professor, Head of the  Department of Metal Design at the Art Academy of Latvia

From right: Rasma, Ginta, Ilze, Una, Darja

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