MJW 2017 – Hatara Project exhibition Time Perception VOL.3

Last year Munich Jewellery Week brought me the best birthday present – Hatara Project exhibition opening. This year we got our exhibition opening on March 8. By the way it was The International Women’s Day celebrated in most of the world including my home country Latvia and Hatara Project team are all women. Some of the exhibition visitors even asked is that a kind of gesture or do we carry a special purpose exhibiting just women artists. I would dare to say that this time it was a coincidence. But the need to substantiate the artist list for Time Perception VOL.3 exhibition was present during the three days of our show.

I tried my best to keep it simple and professional – in the beginning it was Annea Lounatvuori and Christine Jalio. They organized two exhibitions in 2015. Then during MJW 2016 Christine Jalio and Annea Lounatvuori participated together with some fellow artists – Melina Lindroos, Wiebke Pandikow, Helmi Lindblom and Ginta Grube (Zabarovska). I must say all of them except me were previous study mates at Lahti University of applied sciences. I was the first visitor of Christine’s and Annea’s premier in MJW. After our first acquaintance I and Annea held a creative meeting in Riga and realized that we share a similar perception of art jewelley. That was how I joined Hatara Project.

Time Perception VOL.3 poster

In year 2017 Hatara Project was about to gather a wider group of artists. The participants in Time Perception VOL.3 were all invited by someone from the previous year’s group. So we were all friends and like-minded jewellery artists. We were supposed to be 14 but unfortunately Morven Downies work didn’t make it to Munich. After building the exhibition of 13 artists in 10 hours the team was pretty pleased with the result not to say exhausted and hungry. It was more than a pleasure to hear such a good feedback on our exhibition layout from the visitors of whom we had many. We hosted visitors from at least half of continents and various art institutions as representatives of galleries, museums, etc.

From the opening night – Jelizaveta Suska, Grube (Zabarovska), Wiebke Pandikow, Christine Jalio and Marine Dominiczak
From the opening night, Time Perception VOL.3

About the artists that were participating in Time Perception VOL.3. Anke Huyben is investigates the beauty standards, body postures, adornment and wearability through her work.

From left – Wiebke Pandikow, Anke Huyben
Marine Dominiczak is working in close connection with the body as well – questioning the human being and the perception of its body inside the society. Marine was participating in Schmuck 2017 as well.
Marine Dominiczak
Visitors admiring Christina Jalios work
For Christine Jalio contemporary jewellery is a rebellious art with no actual rules or true limits. I would like to thank personally Christine Jalio for putting her effort in organizing the gallery space and a lot of other important things. She is definitely the exhibitions key person. Annea Lounatvuori jewellery pieces on the other hand are often inspired by the memories and feelings of her experiences. For this exhibition Anneas work is about childhood summers and the love of nature. Ginta Zabarovska is an artist and researcher seeking to enrich the analysis of jewellery art and perception. Ginta uses various materials that come to her path by accident and combines them with silver.
Exposition view, Time Perception VOL.3
Elin Flognman takes interest in our desire to escape everyday life. Her artistic amibition is to find the point of intersection between the familiar and the extraordinary. Wiebke Pandikow has a mind for green thinking as well, for the exhibition Wiebke continues to use recycled plastic bags in her work, these symbols for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. Helmi Lindblom starts her working process from playing with materials she has at home, mixing different media leads her wherever it is necessary to go, just like Yasuyo Hida who approaches her work through experimenting with material. Yasuyos work was present in this years Talente show as well.
From left – Melina Lindroos, Elin Flognman
Jelizaveta Suska is The Herbert Hofmann Prize 2016 winner, her pieces are a lot about feelings of nostalgia, of a moment in time. Melina Lindroos jewellery is a reflection of her surroundings and thoughts and with them she hopes to evoke a calm and peaceful feeling in the viewer. Susanna Yläranta is passionate to create and guide new events and concepts in the field of contemporary jewellery and her current collection Aligning is about the human need to count, arrange and control time. Sara Malm is the winner of the JPLUS Graduate Award 2016. She works with three materials – wood, metal and leather – different qualities that feel comfortable in her hand. “I believe in my hands. They made this work possible. When I trust them magic arises.” says Sara.
From left – Jelizaveta Suska, Sara Malm
Exhibition view, Time Perception VOL.3


Ginta Grube (Zabarovska) one piece already found its new owner


Exhibition view, Time Perception VOL.3


Exhibition view, Time Perception VOL.3
Ten out of thirteen artists participating were at some point visiting Munich so we made a historical group photo. Unfortunately Sara Malm went to eat and Christine Jalio was too tired to be present. From left – Jelizaveta Suska, Ginta Grube (Zabarovska), Melina Lindroos, Elin Flognman, Anke Huyben, Wiebke Pandikow, Marine Dominiczak and Yasuyo Hida


Lovaas Artspace and Current Obsession sign #42 up the front

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